Monday, June 17, 2013

Summer Happenings & Other City News

So, technically summer starts on Friday, but for me, it's already here. Warmer and longer days, green Central Park grass, beach trips and eating at outdoor cafes make it my favorite time of the year. I've been busy so I thought I'd give a quick recap of our past two weeks...(warning it mostly involves food).

First and most importantly, our Friday night spot is closing. We've been going to the same place (Dean's) for dinner on the Upper West Side for 3+ years. They know us there - by name. I'm even Facebook friends with the bartender - is that weird? We heard rumors about a pending close, but it is in fact locking its doors in two weeks. Dean's deserves a whole post to itself so more on that to come.
In other Upper West Side restaurant news, Good Enough to Eat just opened up on my block. It moved from 80 and Amsterdam to right around the corner on 85 and Columbus. The line is crazy y'all. I thought it was bad over on Amsterdam but it's even longer over here and no one seems to mind. The brunch is that good. We had breakfast here this morning and it was so pleasant sitting outside and having coffee before work.
Two weeks ago our friends took us to the Yankees game. While I can't remember who they played, I can remember what I ate. We were lucky enough to sit in the Legends box close to home-plate and ate for free. Yes, free! A rundown of what I consumed - lobster, crab legs, sliders, corndogs, cookies, three bites of ice cream, and probably more but I forget. The next few days I ate nothing.
That same week, I made the trek to BK and went to a bourbon and leather event down in DUMBO. My good friend Liz works for Moore & Giles (I've mentioned them here). The store, Modern Anthology was a perfect spot for showcasing M&G's leather bags, while sipping on yummy bourbon drinks while catching up with a good friend.
Later that week, friends from the sailing trip came for a visit. We had a blast and like most trips with friends we ate our way through the city including this amazing dinner at Lexington Brass. When your friends know the executive chef, you are treated like a king. I wish this happened to me more often.
All that food and drink has made me feel like I need to run and spend time in Central Park with Bailey. And, in the summer, I couldn't think of anything better.

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  1. As a Texan moving into the city this month, I will totally be following in your shoes! Any tips would be welcomed wholeheartedly. ;) Looks like you're settled in & having a blast!