Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Jewelry Trays

I was talking with someone the other day about where I keep my jewelry. I have lot of nice pieces that are special to me and others that are more fun and inexpensive. I don't discriminate though and love them all. Though, I've found that if my jewelry isn't out in plain site, I won't wear it. So, I needed a place to stash my stuff so I could see it, without getting things tangled or losing it once I took it off.

So, I decided to use cute trays that I've collected to hold my  jewelry (I love trays!). This way, I can see what I have, they look cute laying out and I'm more likely to wear jewelry this way. Although, I do keep the really nice stuff away in one of my silver jewelry boxes...just to be safe. I also found a jewelry tree at Homegoods that I hang my big chunky stuff on.

Because one of my goals this summer is to start using my nicer camera more often (Instagram has made me lazy!), here are a few detailed shots.

I also keep a tray by my bedside so that I can throw whatever I need on there before I go to bed. Oh, and I'm obsessed with chapstick. I can't go a day (or more like a couple hours) without it so it's always by my bedside. And, I HAVE to have my headphones so I can plug in music or an episode of Parks and Rec if I can't sleep. It's a bad habit...

I even keep one in the entry way which usually collects keys and sunglasses and other odds and ins. But, hey, it's kind of organized, right? :)

What about y'all? More apartment pics to come.

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  1. i need you to organize my jewelry! can't wait to see this in person. ooxx