Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Amelia Kay

Last weekend, a little visitor and her parents made the trip up from VA to NYC. Miss Amelia Kay (mentioned here) had her first jaunt around the big apple, turning heads and making jaded New Yorkahs smile all over the city.

On Friday night, the new family of three came over for drinks and then we ventured off to my favorite Friday night dinner spot, Deans. A little unsure of her surroundings, AK held on tight as her little eyes wondered all around. Miss Bailey was quite intrigued by the "view and coo" too. Isn't Amelia as sweet as can be?

Oh, and if you're wondering (like I did) that green thing around her, is a swaddle. So many things I don't know!

On Saturday a few of us went to lunch while AK slept in the stroller beside us, not even winking at the honking cabs or the loud MTA bus as it drove uptown. Saturday afternoon we gathered our friends at the Great Lawn in Central Park for appetizers and adult beverages (milk for Amelia of course!) so everyone could meet with the lady and spend time catching up. I've spent quite a few nights on the Great Lawn this summer and this one was particularly special.

I can't wait to have Amelia back up to the city again, hopefully next time we can get some shopping in - a visit to New York isn't complete unless you buy a new outfit. So, that will be first on our list for next time. Sound good, Amelia?

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