Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Our friends are having babies...or getting married.

We're in that stage of life where our friends are either getting married or they're having babies. The Husband and I are somewhere right smack in the middle. Over the next week, we will have seen both. This coming weekend I'll stand beside a college friend as she says, "I do." Last weekend, I held a sweet little baby whose parents are close friends from The Husband's hometown. Two different events (one with more bottles of milk than booze) but both equally amazing to watch from where I stand.

Since I'll have pictures of the wedding next week, I'll leave this post for the baby. Our friends Aaron and Liz welcomed baby Amelia just five weeks ago. As I got ready for Easter service, a text message buzzed, "The Easter bunny is bringing us a baby!" We later learned that Amelia Kay made the Strouds a family of three and this little lady is as cute as they come. As I watched Liz hold her on Saturday, it was just like she's been here for years, part of it all. I can't imagine what life was like without her now. Funny how that happens.

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  1. So beautiful. and it happens just like that. one day you don't have a baby, and the next day, you can't remember what in your world you did without her.