Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Summer 2012 Bucket List

I think I'm a bit late with this, go figure. But, with all that I've done this summer (and all the more I want to do) I feel like I should make my own Summer Bucket List. Because, there's nothing like summer time to explore and do new things, right?

Here's a few I found on Pinterest, but I've also come up with more personal/NYC related ones.

Of course, whenever I make lists, I like to write things I've already done, just so I can cross them off the list. Do you do that too? For some reason it makes me feel good.

Here we go...
Take more photos with my camera
Take a boat ride around Manhattan
Go out with friends more (loving this)
Go to a new museum
Drive Bailey somewhere where she can really run and run hard
Go to the Philharmonic (been twice!)
Throw a water balloon
Shag or Dance (always)

Listen to Beach Music (everyday)
Go to a concert
Walk slow in the rain
Go to the beach (East Hampton and NC)

Have a watergun fight
Go to the Columbus Farmer's Market on Sundays
Make a tomato pie with tomatoes from Columbus Farmer's Market
Stay up really late
Go to bed early
Sit on a roof and enjoy the view
Get tickets to Shakespeare in the park (Into the Woods)
Eat a Popsicle 
Watch an old show (Dawson's Creek! I know, weird right?)
People watch from a bench
Get off at subway station that I'm not familiar with and explore

What are you hoping to do/have you done this summer?

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