Thursday, November 3, 2011

Curtains and more curtains

So, if there are any males out there that read my blog (which, I doubt there are besides my dad) you might not find this post that interesting, unless you like curtains.

I haven't posted recent pictures of the apartment but plan on doing so soon. We are slowly but surely making the place into our home and it has quickly become our favorite apartment that we've lived in (and we have lived in a lot of them!).

We have very high ceilings (10 feet) so I knew that it wasn't going to be cheap or easy to install curtains in the living room. Luckily my birthday is coming up so Sooze took me searching for fabrics and had some panels made while I was visiting a couple weeks ago - thanks, mom! I tend to lean towards blues, greens and browns and did so again here with the curtains in the living room. I love them! They bring the whole room together. The Husband even likes them (score!). They were not so easy to install though. We went through one rod installation package to no avail, but finally found something that was long enough and looked nice.

I haven't "staged" the room yet so please excuse the clutter. Also, the camera and the flash weren't getting along this morning so things are a little darker than they appear.

Bailey likes them too...

For the kitchen, I needed something that would add color and pattern to our small space but I didn't want to spend a lot of money. I found this great fabric (green again!) on sale. Since I cannot sew (New Year's resolution?) I decided to go with iron-on hem tape, like I've done with other projects. It was a simple sew-less project that came out great. I just hung with an extension rod and that was that.

More apartment pictures to come soon.

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  1. I have been struggling with the same issue! Who knew fabric could be so expensive? Especially in the city. And don't even get me started on the hardware...You did a great job though! I can't wait to see more progress on the apartment.