Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Home Sweet Home

I know I know, late again with the posts...

This past weekend, Southern in the City headed home to NC. It's so nice to go home, slow down, relax and recharge. I decided to take a couple days off work and am so glad I did. Sooze and I shopped for the apartment, finding cute curtains that I can't wait to show y'all when they arrive in a few weeks. We lunched with brother, visited dad's office, saw the new pipes at church, sang along with the sing-off and checked things off our list one by one. If only I had a week to spend down there. But, I'm sure a week would go by just as fast as a couple days did.

We also went clothes shopping which brought a most hilarious and awkward moment from my time at home. While at a clothing boutique (which will remain nameless) I tried on a cute party dress that caught my eye. After getting the dress over my head and hips, I quickly learn that it was too tight in the shoulders (strange place for a dress to be tight). After five minutes of trying to get the dress off me, I realized it was not going to happen. Crap. I quickly called out for Sooze and she came to the rescue. After 5 more minutes of trying to get the dress over my head we were both sweating with worry. Sh*t! Still wouldn't come off. Panic stricken we kept pulling and pulling, in the back of our minds thinking we would have to cut me out of the damn dress. Finally, after a couple more pulls, I was out, but the dress was ripped. We weren't sure if it was already ripped or if I had made it tear (it was likely me), but I told the clerks about it and their response, "That's the third time it's happened. We should take it off the rack." Um yeah. You should. My shoulders still hurt. But, I digress...

Because my college reunion and homecoming were the same weekend, we decided to make dessert for the football tailgate. I noticed this cute recipe on Pinterest and decided to test it out. You see, Acorns are our "thing" at Elon (Elon means oak in Hebrew). I've blogged about my love for acorns here before. Fortunately they looked and tasted great. Unfortunately, I left them in my car during the tailgate. But, they were still delicious the next day!

All you need is doughnut holes, nutella, chocolate sprinkles and pretzels - so easy!

More pictures and stories from homecoming to come...

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