Friday, October 14, 2011

"...The New York Times...The Daily News" - Billy Joel

I don't usually write about work on here. In fact, I never do. But, today I just had to share the story of how Miss Bailey made her media debut in the NY Daily News (print & online).

A few days ago we were pitching a story to the media - dog costumes for Halloween. Yeah, it's been a slow news week. Lindsay Lohan's teeth anyone?

The NY Daily News loved the story idea and needed dogs for the shoot. [insert me, crazy dog mom saying we'll do it!] I went to three different stores trying to find the perfect dog costume, finally deciding on a hotdog and spider. Who doesn't like dogs in costumes? Well, probably the dogs.

Hilarious. Though Bailey was not amused, I thought it was awesome. Score! Press mention for the company and photo opp for Miss Bailey. Winning! If anyone wants a signed copy, just let me know:) Hopefully it won't go to her head. You can read the article here.

She's so New York. I should get her an agent...

First photo from NY Daily News.


  1. How cute!! She looks miserable but adorable :)

  2. This is one of my all-time favorite blog posts!!! Hilarious!