Tuesday, September 6, 2011

US Open

Other than all the rain we got in NYC today, the past few days have been gorgeous. Yesterday we ventured out to Queens for The US Open. They called for rain but we had wind and sun. In fact, I'm little sunburned today (probably the last time this season - hello fall!)

We had a great time watching the players including Novak Djokovic.

I love how the crowds' heads go back and forth watching the ball dance between players. It's funny how watching tennis makes you tired. We spent most of the day at the grounds and continued watching when we got home. My only complaint of the day was the line for food. We stood in line for over an hour for some cold hotdogs and semi cold adult beverages. But, all in all the day was good. Not quite like this night a few years back, but still fun!

We also unpacked and started putting things together at our new apartment. Pictures coming tomorrow! Maybe I'll even pull out the real camera and put away the iphone for picture snapping:)

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