Thursday, September 1, 2011

A blank canvas

Yesterday we moved. Again. After one year, it's become pretty standard that we start looking for a new place to live. Typically because of the rent or neighborhood. This time it was the rent (we love the Upper West Side). We found a new place, cheaper and bigger. Winning!

The idea of moving is always more fun than the actual move. It was a full day yesterday (and night), despite hiring movers, we still did a lot of it ourselves. Well, by a lot, I mean several trips to and from the old place and new with our packed car of suitcases, lamps and other odds and ends. The movers did the big stuff.

Our new home is a blank canvas, meaning that it's big and white and we can do a lot with it. It's also very old (built in the 1920's, so there is a lot of character, which I love). I've been daydreaming over at Pinterest. Hopefully my inspiration there will carry over to the new place.

So far so good. We are all adjusting well (even Miss Bailey). We gave her many treats and bones last night and she is starting to feel comfortable.

Many have asked, so I've included a few photos of our empty space below (sorry, they are from the iPhone so they aren't too clear). See what I mean about blank canvas?? That's a lot of white wall.

This is the living room with a great window overlooking west 86th

Other side

This place has lots of closet space (a rare find in old NYC places) here is the pantry, (thrilling, I know!)

Bedroom...TINY hanging closet. I've taken it over:) There is another bedroom closest that is funky. Perfect for shoes I think.

Entry Way

Other side of entry

There you go! Not too exciting, but lots of potential. For those of you who are curious, it's almost 900 square feet (200 more than our old place). It's the little things in life - Ha! Be back soon with updates!


  1. ahhhh soo sooo excited to see the place! It looks so big and charming!! XOOXOX

  2. me too MG! Can't wait for yall to come and see it.