Monday, August 29, 2011


First the earthquake and then a hurricane. Mother Nature was quite busy this week, or maybe just moody.

Like most other people along the East Coast, we were glued to the Weather Channel all weekend. Thankfully NYC was not hit as hard as they thought, even though we prepared for the worst. It amazes me how intense newscasters can be just to get your attention. It worked though. But, I think I got enough of Jim Cantore and his tight tee shirts to last me until the next storm.

Irene was a good excuse for us to stay inside and pack (more on the move later). The city was pretty quiet Saturday and Sunday. Most stores were closed and the subways were down, which is a rare exception. It's funny how quickly you can get trapped in your neighborhood. The city that never sleeps took a long nap.

Yesterday, we walked through the parks to assess the damage. Central Park had quite a few trees down and flooding in places as seen in these iPhone photos from The Husband.

Things are still quiet in the city today but New Yorkers are moving on. Irene did bring good weather today - it almost feels like fall! I hope that everyone was safe and damage was minimal for you. Thinking about those who are still without power and who have flooding and trees down around them. Be careful out there!

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