Thursday, August 25, 2011

Broadway & Birthdays

I've always loved to sing, despite that fact that I'm not good at it. My own dog runs away when I belt one tune. Yes, I'm bad but who cares when no one else (besides your dog and maybe your Husband) hears it?

Living in NYC, I'm quite lucky to be able to see a Broadway show whenever I want, though it's probably the one perk that we don't take advantage of as much as we should. I'm always amazed watching the cast members sing and dance. How do they do that for some many nights in a row? I get tired just watching them.

Last night we saw Catch Me if You Can and it was wonderful. Earlier this week, I found out my sorority sister and native North Carolinian, Alex Ellis, would be playing the lead female role (Brenda) this week. We had to go and so we did. I went to many of her shows in college and for a Communications Project my Junior Year I even interviewed her on what it was like being in the Arts. I wish I could find that video tape now...

It took everything I had to not jump up, wave my arms and scream, "YAY Alex!" She was wonderful and during her solo, I cried. It was an amazing experience - one of those New York moments that doesn't happen often. [insert, Go Elon!]

The line was too long to see her afterwards but I did get a note from her this morning saying that she saw me in the audience so I was glad. I wish I could go again tonight. The show is only on for 10 more days, so if you are in NYC, I highly recommend you go!

In other news, a big happy birthday to Sooze and my blog, Southern in the City! As I mentioned last year, it's particularly fitting that they have the same birthdays since she inspired me to start the blog. And the fact that she is probably the only one (besides my Dad) who reads it on a daily basis:)

Happy birthday to you, mom!


  1. I am so glad you were able to go and support Alex!!! I reallllly wanted to go see her, but it sounds like it will be over before getting a chance to get up there.

    And your mom is not your only reader! I read your blog all the time! Love a southern girl! :)


  2. next year i have to be thinner.

    here is to happy times in your new home! ooxx