Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Two Birthdays to Celebrate

Today I have two birthdays to celebrate. The first being my mom (Sooze). As a birthday gift, my dad is flying her up to NY this weekend to play about the city with me. We have plans to shop in the West Village, eat lots of tasty meals, spend time with Bailey and go see Wicked (though I know every word to every song, I have never seen this musical and can't wait!). The second birthday to celebrate today is my blog. Southern in the City is officially one year old. Though I didn't plan to start a blog on Sooze's birthday, it's particularly appropriate given the fact that my mom is one of the most talented writers I know and always encouraged me to start a blog. Well, I took her advice and did just that. It's been a fun hobby over the past year - sharing my life of being a southern girl in the city - (better some days than others). I think my favorite part of having a blog has been the e-mails I've received from people I know, and many I don't, who have said they enjoy reading about my time as a Yankee. I truly appreciate it and love to hear from all of you.

Happy Birthday to Sooze - a great writer and mom. And a Happy birthday to Southern in the City - a fun project that I hope to keep going for as long as you keep reading.


  1. Happy Birthday to Southern in the City! Yeah! I love the blog. You will love Wicked! Its phenomenal!

  2. Thanks Country Boy and City Belle. Love your blog too and hope to meet yall in person soon!

  3. This is another one of those 'best presents ever'. I didn't see it last night. Thank you! And I can't wait til tomorrow.
    Love you so much. And I am so proud of your writing.

  4. Hey! This is Country Boy! Just wanted to say HBD to ur blog!!