Thursday, September 8, 2011

Just a peak...

I started snapping a few photos of our new place this morning. The boxes are unpacked and most of our things are put away. It's officially been one week in the new apartment and it's starting to feel like home, but I still have lots of decorating to do. I'm changing things around and putting this and that there.

One of my favorite things about our apartment is the fireplace. It's going to be fun to change things up a bit here but right now it looks like this.

Check out that weird electrical outlet where a fire would be...

I plan to put some kind of plant there...maybe a fern?

Here is our hallway with a old but new to me chest of drawers from an NC friend.

In our entryway, we hung a gallery of pictures (like on YHL) and things from our favorite places. On the opposite side we are doing maps. We are still deciding on photos as you can probably tell since a few aren't in the right direction or don't have photos in the frames.

And here is one of my favorite spots in Kitty Hawk, NC...Capt'n Franks.

The kitchen isn't nearly done but here is our window looking downtown.

It's great having a window in the kitchen. It's the little things when you live in Manhattan. Makes me want to cook more...sort of:)

Lots more to hang and place but more to come soon.


  1. Love your picture gallery! and what a cute fireplace :)

  2. We love seeing what you have done. Hugs from mom &dad

  3. So excited for you and your new place. Congrats! Can't believe how great it looks already! We would still be buried under boxes.