Friday, September 16, 2011

Fall Finds...Jackets

This morning I woke up to Fall. I love the beginnings of each season as they promise a fresh start. Wait, let me change that. I love the beginnings of Spring, Summer and Fall. Winter, not so much.

I also love the start of the seasons because that means shopping time, which I plan to do very soon.

In the Fall you can wear cute jackets before the real cold weather comes (well, at least in NYC). Once winter moves in, I'm stuck wearing my big puffy brown coat (you know the one that I refused to buy, but when I moved to the city it was a must-have).

Today's weather inspired me to look around for new cute fall jackets and here are a few from Emerson Made that I love. (By the way, they have giveaways each month, so check them out).

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