Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A quick hello...

I haven't written a post since January. And, when I look back, my last two posts were about snow. So I figure I needed to say hello and write about something a little more interesting because the snow thing has been happening every week now.

To start, I signed up for the Brooklyn half marathon in May. This year I'm "trying new things" and I figure why not attempt to run 13.1 miles (ugh, just typing that makes my body hurt)? I started training but it's slow. If I actually get through the training and run the thing, I will report back.

I'm traveling a lot for work and headed to Austin for SXSW in two weeks. Any of y'all headed there?

I'm also daydreaming of outdoor spaces and warmer weather. I saw these on Apartment Therapy today and got inspired and excited for warmer weather...there I go talking about the weather again...

Photos from Apartment Therapy.


  1. I ran the Brooklyn Half last year and it was a lot of fun. Good luck with your training!