Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Snow in New York City

This winter has been a harsh one for the Northeast. It's cold, then warm-ish, then cold, then snows and repeat. We've had more spouts of snow this year than in others (or at least that I can remember). Last night we got another dump (almost a foot). Despite it being unbelievably cold, it was beautiful. On my way home, the city was hushed by the soft snow falling. No trucks, no cabs, just a few people walking around, hurrying home to get warm.

I decided to set my alarm this morning and wake up before sunrise to snap photos in Central Park. I layered in my warmest clothes and packed a couple hand warmers (thanks, Dad) and headed to the park. About a block later, I couldn't feel my face and my legs felt like two blocks of ice. Never-the-less, I walked to the reservoir and around the Great Lawn and took a few photos of "my backyard"

Looks like more snow this weekend...

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