Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Big Run

My blog has become one of those blogs that I hate. You go to it, see the post is old, get mad the blogger hasn't taken the time to update it and leave frustrated. Am I the only one who does that when I visit one of my favorite bloggers? I actually get frustrated they haven't taken the time to write. But, I'm guilty of doing the same thing here on Southern in the City. 

Not sure what sparked me taking the time to start typing today but maybe it's because I'm about to do another thing that I hate - talk about running. Friends who run (well anyone really who runs at all) I've noticed, love to talk about it. That too, unfortunately, I'm guilty of as of late.

Maybe it's because I've never trained for a race before (or run this far) but I'm proud of my accomplishment. 2014 is the year of trying new things for me. On Saturday I'll run the Brooklyn Half and I'm anxious, excited, nervous, proud, etc. I know it's not a real marathon but dang it, it's probably the longest I will ever run.

But, one thing I haven't turned into is one of those people who loves running. I still hate it as much as I did in the beginning. You people are crazy who say you actually enjoy it. However, I want to finish what I started and I plan on doing that this Saturday in BK.

Because I talk about running so much now, you can probably expect post-race pictures next week and hopefully, just maybe, I'll have a few more posts this month so you won't come to this blog and leave frustrated:)


  1. Perhaps you need to reinvent the blog, as you are reinventing yourself this year. You started it in your 20s, and now look at you. You've outgrown it and into a young woman living in the city, taking it all in.

  2. Guilty of the same: 1. Frustrating blog owner 2. Hater of running
    See you in Brooklyn!