Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Quick Chair Update

This past summer I ordered these chairs online. I loved the shape and the size and they came fully assembled so even better. Then, I got them in the mail and didn't love them. But, the quality was good so I thought I would work with them.

I went to my favorite fabric store here in the city (Mood) and found this small ikat dot fabric in lime green. It goes great with my curtains and pillows, so I thought it could add some fun color to the otherwise drab chairs. I also bought some white paint thinking that I would actually take the time to sand these guys down and paint them, but that didn't happen. The paint is still in my closet staring at me everytime I open it. Baby steps right?
Of course I somehow managed to break the first staple gun I bought (so me), so last week I went down to Home Depot and bought a new one with new staples. I then poured myself a big glass of wine and began the recovering.
Here's the "almost" after. I still think the chairs need a fresh coat of white paint to liven them up but I really love the fabric. Also, the green looks a little more limey/yellow in these photos. It's not that bright in real life.

Hopefully it won't take me as long to paint these as it did to recover them. Have y'all done any DIY projects lately?


  1. SO cute! When I see "Mood" I can't help but think Project Runway :) Would love access to that store!

  2. Come to NYC and we can go! It's awesome.