Friday, January 25, 2013


I'm FINALLY getting around to posting about our latest rendezvous down to New Orleans for one of my best friend's (Lo's) bachelorette par-tay. It was fabulous and wild. NOLA did not disappoint.

Look twins! No really...

Most of us got in around lunchtime on Friday. In fact, my best friend Allie and I flew together from Charlotte and chatted the whole way. I'm sure our seat neighbors were not as excited to hear about the latest gossip as we were.

After a delicious shrimp po' boy lunch on Friday, we ran into Shirley McClain shooting a movie (in the red car). We all gasped and shouted "Downton Abbey!!" like little school girls. She didn't seem as amused as the film crew.

On Saturday, we headed to Mardi Gras World for some culture. Mardi Gras world is just that - a world of Mardi Gras floats and costumes. They actually make 80% of the floats here and we were able to see some of this year's...I highly recommend going here if you are looking for a break from all the eating and drinking that New Orleans has to offer.

That afternoon we ate beignets at Cafe du Mond in the French Quarter and like I mentioned, had our cards and future read. Most of ours were (or so we think) on par. If she's right, a year of change for me is in store.

That night, the tomfoolery continued in the French Quarter with dinner, drinking and dancing. I can't speak for the other girls, but I was sore for a few days after. I've got moves like Jagger y'all.

We've been so lucky to see each other so many times throughout the years because of weddings. Lo's big day is in April and then the weddings end until the other girls get asked the big question. Who will be next?!

Stay warm this weekend, y'all!

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