Thursday, March 22, 2012

Cotton Trees and Things

This afternoon I walked down 17th street toward my office in Chelsea. I often tell myself to look up, as the views of the never-ending buildings are my favorite and have always been so. Though today, something was different when I glanced upward - the cotton tree.

I know it's not really a cotton tree. They don't even exist (well in this sense), but this sign of spring made me imagine what a cotton tree must look like if one were real. Do y'all have cotton trees near you?

Spring is here in the city. Well, it has been for awhile now. Like most of the country, we hardly had a winter but you won't hear me complaining about it. Walking the dog hasn't been a chore lately and we find ourselves roaming the streets after work, not wanting to go back in.

After our walk last night, we were greeted in our lobby by six tall dark and handsome firemen. Why are firemen so good looking? One even looked like Matthew Crowley from Downton Abbey (again another mention of that show - it's so good!). Even The Husband commented on their appearance. I like to think that Miss Bailey picked-up on their good looks but I think she was most intrigued by their shiny axes.

Apparently we have old elevators in our very old building. A young family - and by young, I mean an 8 day old baby - got stuck in the elevator last night and the firemen had to pry them out. Can you imagine? An 8 day old baby? The mother smiled when they got out but she looked like she might lose it when she got back to her apartment. I don't blame her.

At least she had the handsome firemen to look at...


  1. I love those trees! Just beautiful! Getting stuck in an elevator is on my life list of things I never want to happen.

  2. Firemen in NYC are always a welcome sight -- especially for somebody stuck in an elevator.