Tuesday, February 7, 2012


My commute on the 2,3 train was extra long this morning for two reasons:

1. Every 17 year old boy painted blue + every 40 year old male from NJ in Giants gear joined me on the subway headed downtown. I swear they were already drunk by 9:00 a.m. Fortunately I was able to escape at 17th street while they continued on to the Super Bowl parade.

2. An older woman who appeared to be homeless or crazy (or both) walked onto the train, turned on her 1990's CD player and blasted Leanne Rimes', "How Can I Live Without You" while singing along. At first I thought, "How nice," because her voice wasn't all that bad. At the next train stop, she changed her tune - quite literally - and proceeded to yell explicit language to a man with his child including, "I have the swine flu!" At this moment, I darted for the door but the aforementioned Giant's fans were everywhere so I was in for some more singing. Next song up, "She works hard for the money." If only I had taken video...

Only in New York.


  1. of course you should have taken a video. one day when you finally move someplace sane you will want to have a record of the madness.