Monday, February 13, 2012

Can't Get Enough of Your Love Babe

We just got back from a mini vacation to Canada - more specifically Whistler and Vancouver. The Husband was there for work so I took advantage! Though I'm about ready to hang this winter coat up for the season, it was nice to actually see snow without having to commute in it. I'll post pictures tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, it's the National Day of Luuuve. Or rather, another excuse for women to coax their men into buying them flowers or a nice dinner. We typically don't do too much for Valentine's Day but usually stay at home, cook and exchange funny cards. If I'm lucky, I'll get an orchid that I'll kill in less than a week. Therefore, I doubt I'll get one this year, which is a good thing!

On our trip home yesterday I bought the new issue of Better Homes & Garden and saw some cute ideas that I plan on creating for tomorrow - cheap and easy, but with some cute thought behind it.

What are y'all planning for Valentine's? Do you like the day or just think it's silly?

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