Monday, November 28, 2011

Macy's Pre-Parade Balloons

Happy Monday, y'all! Hope that everyone had a nice Thanksgiving. We had a quiet, but fun time here in the city. For the third year in a row, we walked down to 79th street on Wednesday to see Macy's pre-parade balloons. It's by far one of my favorite things to do in NYC. Crowded, yes. But, so worth it. Everyone is always excited to see the ten-story high balloons and it's a great (and free!) way to start the holiday season. Can you spot Bloomberg?

Thursday morning, Bailey dog got me up extra early and while we were on our walk, we were greeted by all the band members who were lining up for the Thanksgiving parade. We also saw Santa's sleigh at the end of our block. But, the big man was not to be found

Thursday was spent cooking for most of the day. Though sadly this year the rolls did not work out. I tried twice to no avail. I'm determine to make them again before Christmas. We also Facetimed with both families down in NC. It was like we were there, sitting at the table. Lots to be thankful for this year!

Christmas trees have also popped up around the city. Though, I vow I will never buy one before December 1, especially when it's 70 degrees outside. I'm not particularly fond of cold weather, except at Christmas time. What about any of y'all - have you started decorating for Christmas yet?

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