Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Van Horn Sandwich Shop

I'm always looking for a great place to eat. Sometimes it's overwhelming because there are so many delicious choices in the city. I know the food and restaurants are going to be one of the biggest things I'll miss about New York (whenever we decide to move away)...

The Husband's aunt sent me this article from the WSJ yesterday about a restaurant in Brooklyn called the Van Horn sandwich shop. The restaurant, which was opened in February by two North Carolina natives (Chapel Hill natives to be exact), serves southern specialties like pimento cheese sandwiches, hush puppies, greens and North Carolina BBQ.

I think this will give me a good excuse to travel out to Brooklyn. For more information and directions, check out their Web site.

Happy eating, y'all!

Image from Van Horn Web site by Daniel Krieger.

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  1. We could use a place like this even in north Raleigh -- which some days seems more like Brooklyn than North Carolina.