Monday, April 11, 2011

365 Dog Days

Today marks the one year anniversary that The Husband and I adopted Miss Bailey. I can't believe it. We have successfully sustained the life of a little being for 365 days. Whew. Not that we didn't think we could do it, but for any of y'all out there with new pups, it was a bit overwhelming at first.

I grew up with dogs (Bogey, Socks and now Reagan) but I don't think you can truly appreciate all the work that goes into having a dog until you have your own. They say the same about babies, but since we don't have babies right now, we'll go with dogs.

When we first brought Bailey home, I looked down at her in my lap, a little nervous of what was to come. When do we feed her? When do you know she needs to go to the bathroom? Is she going to be a sweet dog? Will she bark? How much will she cost us??....

The three of quickly fell into a routine; it was like we'd always been a little family.

Now, having a dog in the city is a bit different than having one any where else, but I guess that goes without saying. People always ask, how do you do it? Though, once we adopted Bailey, we saw the city in a different light - there are dogs everywhere. New York is by far one of the most dog-friendly cities I've been in.

With a dog in the city, we quickly learned which dog parks were the best and which to avoid, what hours were off-leash in Central Park, how to house train a dog without having a back yard, which pet stores in the span of a few blocks had better deals, vaccines you needed (or didn't) in the city, easy-walk harnesses v. collars, coats for the winter snow, the list goes on and on...

We constantly talk about how we don't even remember what life was like without her. It's funny how that happens and how quickly dogs can change your life and you.

Bailey has changed us for the better.


  1. a very sweet post... yes, dogs do change your life for the better, and that goes for children, too.:)

    (although you don't even mention how many times you had to call your mom for advice:)

    Congrats to Bailey, for having trained such great parents.

  2. Happy Adoption Day to Grand Dog Bailey. You picked some great owners. LUV GP a.k.a Gran Patty

  3. so sweet! remarkable how life changes for the better with a dog - and how a new family is born!