Monday, April 12, 2010

Meet Bailey

The Husband and I had quite an eventful weekend, as in, we adopted a puppy! Our little family has grown to three. I know. We are probably crazy.
Meet Bailey, a 3.5 month old Boxer/Hound mix rescued from Tennessee and adopted in New York City.

Yesterday I headed across the street to PetSmart to try to learn something about raising a pup. "Puppies for Dummies" book quickly became a life saver, as well as a few calls home to get some advice from mom, dad and brother. Now, the crate is up, the toys are out and Bailey seems very happy. I love the sounds of her pitter patter on the floor and her licks to the face.

We've had a few little uh oh's around the apartment (there I go sounding like a momma), but she seems to be getting the hang of things and even slept in her crate without crying too much, though 2 a.m. and 4 a.m. came quite early when she needed to be let out.

So if any of yall have dogs, we do love friendly tips & suggestions, so please send them on.

And a very special Happy Birthday to my grandmother, B! Bailey can't wait to meet you and become the new favorite #1.


  1. ooo i'm so excited to see y'all adopted her! she is just beautiful! how great that we both get to enjoy puppy-raising together =) let's be sure to pass along tips between each other! can't wait to see more pics of her and y'all's new place! p.s. LOVE the blog!

  2. So glad to hear from you! Congrats on your new pup as well - she's a cutie. Lets definitely pass on pup advice and tips. We need them:)

    Thanks for commenting and so happy you like the blog!

  3. I just found a puppy who looks EXACTLY like this. Same markings, colors, shape, even looks the same age! She showed up in my yard today, and I was searching google for what kind of dog she could be. I suspected this mix, and I'm pretty certain now! Do you have updated photos of Bailey? I'd love to see what she looks like grown!