Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Spring Cleaning

Do y'all ever get in the mood where you just want to change everything about your house or apt? Maybe it's the fact that spring is just around the corner (more like around the corner in my mind because it's very much winter up here), that makes me want to change everything.

Though my wallet won't let me change too much in our space, I do have a couple of projects in mind to jazz things up a bit. A few things on my list:

1. Paint the chair in my room (maybe a bright fun color)
2. Organize my closest and donate clothes (the hall one is a hazard area)
3. Re-do my kitchen shelf and living room shelf
4. Buy new kitchen chairs
5. Change out some of the pictures around our space
6. Make The Husband's work space more functional and pleasing to the eye
7. Buy new lamps for the bedroom

I'm aiming to do at least a few of these things over the next couple of weeks...and perhaps I'll share with you.

Here's some photos from Lonny for inspiration:


  1. all this is so pretty. I wish you luck!

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