Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bon Appetit, Y'all!

It's been a little long since my last post but it has been cold and we haven't done much. However, Southern in the City and The Husband did do something very cool last week - we took a cooking class! Yes. It was awesome. My friends are probably saying, "Thank God" right now because we all know that I don't cook. The Husband loves to cook and is actually good at it so he was equally excited to go and learn more.

I've never been to a cooking class before, unless you count watching The Food Network while trying to cook along with the chef on TV.

Through work, I found the talented chef, Myra Kornfeld and she is wonderful. If you are looking for a fun date night or a group party, I highly highly recommend using her! Check out her site for contact information and upcoming classes.

After work Thursday, we walked to her loft in Chelsea and she greeted us with wine and appetizers before we started cooking. Her kitchen is beautiful and was the size of our apartment. Literally. A dream for a chef and an amateur like me.

We cooked and talked and she showed us the correct way to chop an onion, make chocolate mousse from scratch, how to poach a pear and butterfly a chicken (really!). She showed us insider tricks and equipment that everyone should have. Of course we asked her millions of questions like, "do you cook everyday?", "what's your favorite restaurant?", "where do you shop for groceries?" We learned quite a lot. When I told her that I don't cook because my kitchen is small, she quickly replied by saying that she wrote two cook books from her worst kitchens with no space. I guess I have no excuse now.

As we left Myra signed her holiday cookbook for us.

Now, the test will be if I can cook like I did with Myra in my own kitchen. Stay tuned! Thanks for an amazing night Myra...

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