Monday, February 14, 2011

"Winter Must Be Cold For Those With No Warm Memories" - An Affair to Remember

Happy Valentine's Day to all my blog readers - I love (luff) y'all!

On this Valentine's Day, I'm feeling a bit tired. Scratch that - very tired. Maybe it's because I stayed up until the wee small hours of the morning both Friday and Saturday laughing so hard my stomach hurt and my eyes watered up. Good friends will do that to you.

As I mentioned last week, we had some very special visitors this past weekend at Hotel Worsham: Lauren (Lo), her man Adam, Gray and her man Eric (Huddy). Lo, Gray, Huddy and I all went to college together and this was the first weekend we got to meet Adam, whom we luff! And speaking of Elon, those who attended would appreciate that in the wee small hours of Saturday morning, we stumbled upon [more or less] Sparks and were able to have a Sparks Challenge. Ah, college.

There is just something about having your friends visit that just fills your soul. They are probably making fun of me for that last sentence but I'm corny and they love that.

So on to the weekend recap...most of our weekend consisted of us yapping (probably about our favorite blogs like Young House Love). The boys asked us what we would do without blogs and we replied, "we have no idea."

Per usual, we took our friends to our favorite sandwich shop in the city, Torrisi Italian Specialities, which I swear gets more delicious each time we go.

After stuffing ourselves, we walked to Park Here (the indoor park that sort of feels like a real park). Although it's not huge, it was quite comfortable so the six of us sprawled out for a bit taking in all the fake bird sounds and fluorescent sunlight. This is a perfect place to take your kids in the cold winter months. They even have free wifi and very clean bathrooms.

Next we walked and talked and walked some more through most of lower Manhattan. There is nothing better than people watching in the city and stumbling upon crazy little stores in the village like this one. Who'd a thought that a whole store could be dedicated funny lines and jokes from The Big Lebowski (The Husband's favorite movie by the way)?

We also checked out Chelsea Market and The Highline Park, ending our trip at the Beer Garden at the Standard Hotel. The Beer Garden was quite the highlight of the weekend, especially with all the beautiful people (models for fashion week, er, I mean my friends). If you're looking for a fun and trendy but not uptight place this is it. It's very comfortable, not too expensive and they even have ping pong. What more could you need?

On Saturday night we visited our favorite local pizza place and attempted to go to Cafe Wha?, which I don't recommend unless you want to pay $60 for a bucket of beer (Wha??) and if you don't like being claustrophobic. I'll just leave it at that.

Oh how I luff my friends. Though I'm tired today, it was sooooo worth it and I miss y'all already.

P.S. If you find a flip phone or a jacket lying around the city, please let Huddy know:)

P.P.S. If you see a "wanted" sign for Gray, please let Gray know:)


  1. I love that Huddy wore his Red Sox hat throughout NYC :) Classic. Looks like yall had so much fun!! I have to try the indoor park next time we're in the city.

  2. Maybe if we had eaten lunch at Torrisi instead of dinner I'd have more money in my pocket today!