Monday, February 28, 2011

And the winner is...

I always love watching the Oscars. There's just something about watching movie stars, all dolled-up, reflecting on the past year in film that is very fun to me. Though this year's award show was a bit dull, I loved watching the little guys win - telling their stories of how they did it - and last night there were quite a few of them.

My good friend Dan makes movies. I first met Dan back in 2002. It was late August and our first year of college at Elon. We quickly became close friends and as freshmen were in some of the same communications classes together. He was into movies and I was into PR (well, who is ever really into public relations? It's in the family...but I digress). It didn't take long for me to realize how talented Dan was. Before starting college, Dan and his Ohio friends made a movie which was eventually picked up and played on the college's TV Network.

Fast forward four years and Dan was moving to New York to pursue his film career and I was moving to New York to become a PR girl. Leaving Elon for the last time [I think I cried all the way back to Raleigh], I called Dan and we both talked about how we couldn't believe college was over, how sad we were, but excited for our future. See you in New York, we said.

While Dan and I don't see each other quite as often as I'd like, I know he is out there making movies. Last night, as I watched the Oscars, I imagined Dan one-day, receiving his. Goosebumps.

Check out Dan's next project, The Richard Corman Documentary. Dan needs our help to make it a reality. You can read more about that here or check out Dan's message below.

Good luck, buddy!

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