Monday, November 15, 2010

Virginia Is For Runners

While "Virginia is for lovers," this past weekend it was for runners. The Husband and Southern in the City (plus Bailey) drove down to Richmond, VA (The Husband's home state) for the Suntrust Richmond Marathon. After running in the NY Half Marathon a month ago, The Husband continued his running routine to train for the 26.2 miles and finished in 3:55. Pretty darn good. For years now, we've cheered on many a marathoner during the NY Race (held just last weekend). It's by far one of my favorite NY days - with hundreds of people cheering, even more achieving their goals - no one could be unhappy.

I was equally, if not more excited, to watch The Husband run in Richmond in what's called "America's Friendliest Marathon." Both sets of parents drove up to the Mond to watch. Cousin Hooks and Worm were our wonderful hosts and drove the cheering section all over the city. A huge thanks to them for getting all seven of us to mile 6, 18 and 26.2! I was in awe of all the runners on Saturday, especially The Husband. (I'm so proud of you and your accomplishment and wish that I had the strength to do what you did. Wait, does zumba count?). Okay, my sappiness will end there, I promise.
By the way, Bailey and Scrappy (Cousins' dog) could not get enough of each other. Bailey is acting like a love-sick teenager and hasn't eaten her food or moved since we left.

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