Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Taylor Dane and other things...

It's been a little long since my last post and it's likely because I'm still recovering from my brother's visit last weekend. My brother is three years younger (and much taller but that's not relevant right now). The fact that he's younger means that he can recover much quicker from a weekend of, let's say, dancing to an awesome 80's coverband, Sunday Funday and staying up very very late. Yup, he's top notch.

I always love when Graham comes up for a visit. He's one of the nicest and funniest guys I know. I didn't stop laughing once this entire weekend. On Saturday, Graham and friends invited us to the LSU bar to watch the football game. Right when I think that NY is one the biggest cities in the world, I run into people I haven't seen in quite some time and it quickly becomes a small town. Not one of us went to LSU but when we got there, we each ran into at least three old friends who somehow all knew each other. See, it's a small world after all.

A few hours later, we rallied and headed back out to the Canal Room downtown to see the 80's cover band Rubix Kube. Have ya'll heard of them?

Sadly, I don't have any pictures from the night, but it was one of the most fun times I've had in NY. They played every 80's song you can possibly imagine and we didn't stop dancing and singing all night. I think this band constitutes a trip for my Elon girls to fly to NY, possibly in December. If any of you ladies are reading this, you must come up!

The special guest of the evening was Taylor Dane, you know, "Tell it to My Heart?" Well, if you can't remember, here something to help:

(note, Ms. Dane has aged quite a bit from this video, which you probably figured anyway).

Graham, come back up soon!

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