Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Fall in the Burbs

I like to think that Bailey is a city girl like her mamma but I'm starting to think that country living is more her speed. No cars, no cement streets, no loud noises, just an abundance of sticks, leaves, smells and wide open spaces. We ventured out to NJ this past weekend to visit the family (The Husband's mom and grandmother were up from VA) and Bailey had a ball, or rather, fetched balls all weekend. She even got carried away and chased a deer (with horns or bucks, or...what do you call them? See, I'm a city girl) around the yard. I've never seen a dog, or deer, run so fast. On Sunday we went hiking. The weather was beautiful and we had a great time getting fresh air with the family. That night, we celebrated Halloween.
Bailey was exhausted from all that country living but somehow found the energy to drive her old parents back home to the big city.

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  1. Great pics, Meredith. Bailey is so adorable. I think country escapes are what makes city life bearable!