Thursday, November 18, 2010

Setting The Table

Can you believe that Thanksgiving is a week from today? I certainly can't. Where did the fall go? This year, The Husband and I have decided to stay in NY for Turkey Day. Since we just traveled down south last weekend, we are looking forward to having our own Thanksgiving and getting to actually relax during our time off instead of spending it driving on I95. We will of course miss our families but are excited to start new traditions as our own little family.

Last year I blogged about the different foods that I cooked, well attempted to cook, I should say. I will do the same this year and hope that I can finally make Sooze's famous rolls. That may deserve a whole blog post to itself. More to come on that later.

I've been thinking about how I will set the table this year. That whole sentence just sounds so boring after reading it back. Well, never-the-less, I have been thinking about it and am excited to finally use one of our wedding presents - my monogram linen napkins. Very impractical but fun for special occasions. Here are some table settings that have inspired me this year:

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving! Country Boy and I spent our 1st T-giving as a married couple in NYC last year. We went to the parade and had a great day! This year we are home with our families in NC. Hope you guys have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Good luck with the cooking and tablescape. :)