Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The End of Summer

Well ya'll, the end of summer is finally here. Though it might not seem like it with this warm weather, I noticed it especially on my way home from work last night when the sky was just a bit darker than last week.

Another indicator that summer is fading fast is the end of its greatest gift - fresh vegetables and fruit, especially tomatoes. I've always loved eating tomatoes in the summer, with just a little bit of mayo and a pinch of salt and pepper (a great southern treat!). One of the best farmers markets in the city is located on 79th and Columbus, every Sunday morning (at least until the weather holds out). They were recently featured on a CBS Sunday Morning segment here. My mom and I visited when she visited and The Husband and I went back last weekend to buy my new favorite tomato, heirlooms.
What summer treats will you miss from this past season?

Oh, and for good measure, finally the one picture from Sooze's trip - enjoying the view from our rooftop!


  1. Oh dear. I have not aged well. Loved the post about the farmer's market though!