Monday, September 13, 2010

Blake and Alec's Hampton's Wedding

This past Saturday, The Husband and I traveled to the Hamptons for my good friend's (another Southerner gone Yankee) wedding. Before Saturday I had never visited the Hamptons. Though many of my friends have done the post-college summer house share with twenty or so of their closest friends, I never did so I was excited to go out for a visit.Though technically The Hamptons are only 2.5 hours from the city, it took us almost four hours due to beach traffic, oh and we got lost once or twice. One of these days I'm going to buy a GPS. The scenary is beautiful though, with the perfectly manucured lawns and hedges. The Hamptons sure know how to do hedges.
Blake, from Richmond, VA married Alec, from East Hampton and it's been a special place for both of them. Blake's father, a southern minister, married the couple in an intimate ceremony. Though the wedding was small (about 130 people) many had ventured up North for the celebration - you can spot the Southerners a mile away with their bowties and pearls. The Husband even saw an old friend from middle school.
Marisa, Blake and I worked together at my first PR Agency in NY and have remained close ever since. We get together for girls nights (food, work gossip and drinks) frequently. They have been great friends of mine and will be for years to come, I'm sure.The band was by far one of the best wedding bands I have ever heard. Playing Lady GaGa, JayZ and other current artists was very different from the electric slide (though who doesn't love the electric slide?) that I'm use to. We had so much fun dancing and singing along that I'm still tired today.

Congrats to Blake and Alec!


  1. Everything from the weather, to the dress, the ceremony complete with tears, the food, the dancing and of course, the COMPANY, was absolutely amazing. Had SUCH a blast and can't wait to regroup when Blakeeee comes back :)

  2. That looks like a great wedding. So funny, I have lived in NY forever and never been to the Hamptons either! (Country Boy has, but not me) Glad you had a great time. :)

  3. Meredith - so nice meeting you and your hubby at the wedding! Glad we share a love of fun blogs, spreading a little south in the city, and taking Cosmo shot orders from the beautiful bride ;)

    Check mine out my blog sometime!
    Best, Elizabeth

  4. Hi Elizabeth! Thanks so much for commenting. I just saw your blog too and love it. Cute home! Great meeting you at the wedding and excited that we have become virtual friends.