Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Treats Truck

A funny thing happened on the way home I walked down the subway stairs, I noticed a truck on the street called, "The Treats Truck." You can only imagine my first thought, "cookies? brownies? desserts? oh my!" A long line of treat tasters wrapped around the corner of 18th street in Chelsea. What an amazing idea. Treats to go. Are you intrigued yet?

Well I was, and today I googled "treat truck in nyc" and yes, something did in fact come up. According to their website, "The Treats Truck" is filled with freshly made brownies, cookies, goodies, etc. that are not too fancy but oh so delicious and cheap. They even have something called dessert nachos, which I'm sure The Husband would love. Since the store is a truck, it's constantly moving around so you have to check our their weekly schedule in order to spot them. Here's a pitcure of the truck, appropriately named Sugar.
What a treat!

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