Friday, July 23, 2010

Raleigh Denim

I love a good story - especially a story that tells of the little guy making it big, not to mention the little guy (and girl) from Raleigh, NC making it big.

My brother sent me the below video about two aspiring jean designers who founded a company called Raleigh Denim. Victor and Sarah Lytvinenko started a jeans company out of their Raleigh apartment in 2007 - jeans that are now available for purchase in Barneys NY. Pretty cool huh? Yet, they haven't forgotten their roots, as Raleigh Denim's mission is to help revitalize the garment industry in North Carolina. Check out their inspiring story below:

Raleigh Denim: Handcrafted in North Carolina from David Huppert on Vimeo.

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