Monday, July 26, 2010

Kayaking in the City

Yesterday, we went kayaking right in the Hudson river, yes the Hudson...and for free! Since moving to the Upper West Side, The Husband and I have enjoyed exploring Riverside park and all the cool things it has to offer.

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The New York City downtown boathouse offers free kayaking at three different locations in NY. We went to the 72nd street pier and within five minutes were paddling beside the sailboats with the Manhattan skyline in the background. As we first started out, I looked back and said, "wow, this is beautiful. The Hudson isn't as dirty as people say - how refreshing and nice. What a great breeze..." You get the picture, I went on and on. Then, The Husband said this: "Look over that a dead rat over there floating? Why yes it is." HA! We started laughing and were quickly brought back to reality that no, the Hudson is not as clean as it looks.

Despite our floating rodent friend, I will go back and kayak again. It's free and fun and is something very different to do on the weekends.

For those that just want to sit and relax and watch the fun on the water, check out the Pier One Cafe. Great views, good food and delicious drinks.

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