Thursday, September 17, 2009

Playing Dress-up

I wouldn’t say that I’m particularly immersed in fashion. If I had the choice of a designer dress or a designer chair, I would definitely pick the chair. However, like most girls and gay guys, I do appreciate and love looking at the windows in Bloomingdales and Bergdorf’s to see the perfectly designed displays of the season’s latest trends. But on most days, I prefer my rainbow flip-flops, jeans and old Elon tee.

As a little girl I loved playing dress-up and remember a family friend covering me from head-to-toe in her jewelry and scarves (I should find this picture for a good laugh), which is probably why I get excited when I see the fashion week tents at Bryant Park. It’s just like playing dress-up, but with big girl clothes – ones that I could never afford.

Last night I snapped a few photos of NY Fashion Week’s tent. I need to start remembering to pack my camera, as these are from my phone, but you get the picture.

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