Friday, September 18, 2009

High there, High Line

One of the best parts about New York is its many parks. They’re everywhere and if you need to get away from the city-sounds for a New York minute, there is no better way than visiting these great outdoor spaces. Last week, The Husband and I took a trip over to NY’s newest park – The Highline, near the the Meat Packing District.

The Highline is a half-elevated park filled with modern landscape and architecture. In the 1930’s, it was originally made to lift dangerous freight trains off the streets. They’d plan to tear it down but raised enough moolah to maintain and turn the park into what it is today. I recommend going right at sunset since there is a great view of the Hudson River.

The Highline platform also takes you right by the new Standard Hotel, where often times you’ll get a peep show from hotel guests. I’m not making this up ya’ll. Many guests have actually been photographed in the nude doing scandalous things for passers-by's viewing pleasure. Fortunately (or unfortunately), The Husband and Southern in the City did not see any scantily clad folk this time, although we did look.

Check it out - Highline Park
Keep it Wild Ya'll And this is the "landscape" with the old rail-road tracks Sunset and view of the Hudson
The park is filled with these wooden recliners, pictured on the right of Southern in the City The new Standard Hotel The Husband looking up at the Standard peep show today Highline at night - a little creepy huh?
Southern in the City and The Husband


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  3. I saw this on television. Glad to know you've been there!