Tuesday, September 15, 2009

DMV Doozey

I recently had the pleasure of visiting the New York DMV at Herald Square. I know, aren’t you jealous? Take your local DMV and multiply it by 100. That’s just how large and annoying this place is.

Since I just got married and took on the husband’s name, I needed to change my license and thought it was about time to trade in the “First in Flight” for “The New York State”. It has taken me three years to even think about giving up my NC license. I always thought that by doing so, I would officially be a Yankee. I don’t think this is true, but it will be cool to show to my kids oneday - proof that I actually lived here.

So, off I went… Southern in the City, to the DMV. I even got up early so that I would be first in line. Yet, when I arrived just 10 minutes after it opened, the line was already 30 people deep and not moving (cue eye roll). Not to mention, there were people jumping the line and ducking under the ropes to get in front. I usually don’t have the patience for this, but decided there was nothing I could do. I pulled out my Sookie Stackhouse novel and waited, calmly, until I reached the front of the line.

Once it was my turn to get a ticket and wait in yet another line, the clerk asked me what my reason was for coming to the DMV. I told him and then he began to read off all the documents I would need: marriage license – check; photo ID – check; social security card – check; birth certificate or passport – oh no. They needed proof that I was actually born in order to change my name. Really? After all that waiting and more waiting? (cue major eye roll, huffing and maybe even a foot stomp). Therefore, I have to go back to try yet again. So Southerners, stay tuned for trip #2.

Oh and excuse the blurry photo, can’t have anyone knowing my address!

Please learn from me and make sure you have all the right documents you will need before making that fun journey. I hope that my experience will help all you Southerners-gone-Yankee, because you may just find yourself needing to exchange your license to that of a NY one someday.

To find out what DMV location is closest to you in New York, click here: http://www.nydmv.state.ny.us/ethrum.htm

To exchange an out of state license for a New York license you must go to the Herald Square, location at:

1293-1311 Broadway 8th FloorNew York, NY 10001(Between W 33 & W 34 Sts.)
M - F 8:30 - 4:00


  1. Cute blog! (Susan sent it to me.) I went through the same thing last year when I finally switched over everything from SC to DC.

  2. Thanks! Your blog is cute as well. I just started so any suggestions or tips you have about blogging are welcome:)

  3. I think I stood in that line....only in GA....take everything you own....then they won't ask for anything. Good luck and never change your name again. Linda