Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Someone Come, Come My Someone...

Despite that fact that so many of my friends have gotten married over the past few years, each one of their weddings has been as unique as they are. Everyone of their personalities has shown through from everything to the venue to the ceremony to the food and the decor.

On Sunday, my dear friend Lauren (Lo) married her Adam. Lauren is one of my most special friends as she was one of the first college friends I met at Elon. As I mentioned in my toast to her, we did not like each other at first. Swooping in and befriending my guy friends freshman year, I did not know what she was all about. Then, one cold night in January on the way to a party, we both connected by breaking the ice (literally) as we fell down in the snow. From that moment on, we were pretty much inseparable and have remained close since. Even if we don't speak on the phone everyday, we always make time for a gchat - in fact today we've already talked about her wedding, her wonderful massages yesterday and changing her name on Facebook.

Lauren and Adam got married at JCT in Atlanta on Sunday....Master's Sunday. I would describe the venue as Restoration Hardware meets a restaurant. It was beautiful, romantic, simple and elegant - so Lo.

Us Elon folk tend to stick together at weddings. I think it's because we only have 48 hours in each others' company so we try to soak as much catching up time as possible. The boys snuck upstairs hoping to catch a glimpse of the end of The Masters as the girl's Instagrammed photos. Our group hasn't met a band we didn't like and by the pain in my feet on Monday morning, this band was no different. If my memory serves me correctly, we ended the night singing to Bennie and the Jets. Can't get better than that.

Since I left this part out of my toast on Saturday night (in fear that it was too corny), I'll leave it here instead...

Because I love Bruce Hornsby (and I mean who doesn’t really?) I want to end with a few words that remind me of Lauren. I heard this song first with Lauren on our way down to Key West freshman year and it’s especially meaningful tonight:

Someone come, come my someone
Take the clouds from my eyes, my one
I know that sometime soon
One day I'll walk in the sun with you

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  1. it's all so beautiful. you and your friends. love them all. hugs. mom