Thursday, March 14, 2013

A snapshot of snapshots

A person's camera phone can tell a lot about them. Or, at least what they have been up to. Here's a snapshot of my snapshots.

Just last weekend, I flew down to NC. My grandfather has not been doing well, so I flew down to get some family time in. While there, of course I ordered my favorite southern drink (sweet tea with crushed iced). Why can't you find crushed iced north of the Mason Dixon? I have no idea.
My brother is raising chickens because he's preppy-hipster like that. Currently, they are residing in his dining room while he builds a chicken coup for them outside. Their names are Little Carson, Edyth and O'Brien. Name that show.
My dad purchased this new piece of artwork for my mom for Christmas. It's huge and I love it - the colors especially. I took a photo to save as inspiration for more of my painting therapy.
And here's a photo of my Dad and brother. I always forget to take photos with my Dad for the blog, so here it is. I think it's a good one. Love them both so.
While in Raleigh I bought these cute flats. I wore them yesterday and today my feet hurt like hell. Beauty is pain, y'all.
Reagan is our family dog. Always the backseat companion with me when I'm home. Always smiling that one. Bailey missed her cousin while I was away. (seen here hiding her face)
And finally, I just bought this cabinet from Crate & Barrel. I needed something for the space beside my fireplace and this was the winner. I'll post more photos of the room soon. Surprise surprise, I changed the living room around again. I guess when you live in a small space, you can get antsy with the layout.

What have y'all been up to lately?

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