Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Random Thoughts

In case you haven't heard, NYC is supposed to get a whole bunch of snow on Friday - or maybe not. Gawker posted a great article today about the maybeitwillsnowornot hype. I'm convinced that weather men (or people to be PC) don't know much about nothing. If I was that wrong in my job, The Donald would say to me, "You're Firraddd."
In other news, it's been awhile since I posted a picture of Miss Bailey. So here you go. We re-arranged our apartment living room again this past weekend so she is enjoying a different view from her bed. Once I fix a few things, I'll share photos. I have always loved to re-arrange a room and have done so since I was little. I get antsy and need a quick change every now and then.

I also learned that I don't really like DIY projects. There, I said it. I'd rather just buy the damn thing and be done with it. I have been wanting to re-do my kitchen chairs for forevaaa and finally started yesterday, which yielded in two trips to the hardware store and a broken staple gun. But, I will finish this project. I will!
Stay warm New Yorkers and get your snow boots ready....or not.

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