Monday, August 27, 2012

Weddings and Changes

Lots of changes going on in my life right now - specifically with work. Even though you don't want it to affect your personal life, it's bound to trickle down, given that so much of your day is spent at the office. Change has been a constant word to describe the past couple of years at my company. I like to think that I have taken it all in stride (though better on some days than others). And, as we drove back from a wedding yesterday, I learned - from the great thing called social media - that work is again changing. So, here we go...though I can't get more specific on the blog, maybe I will learn that change is not always a bad thing. I'll keep y'all posted.

In other news (and news that I can actually share in detail), we celebrated another wedding down in VA this past weekend at The Clifton Inn. It was beautiful, despite the rain. And by rain, I mean crazy downpour like I haven't seen in quite awhile. But, we didn't let it ruin our fun. 

The ceremony, wedding and reception were all located at the Clifton Inn, so we could walk everywhere, which was great. And, despite the fact that I love being a bridesmaid (yes, I really do girls!) it was great to enjoy the wedding as a guest. The Husband was on groomsman duty...

I helped out with the flowers with my friend Liz and her mom. Little Amelia even helped us and they turned out so beautiful. I wish I had taken more pictures...

We have one more wedding coming up and then we'll be done until early next year. My how time flies and things change!

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