Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Oh, heyyyy

This always happens to me in the summer. July 4th comes and then bam! It's fall. The leaves start changing colors and crunching under my boots while the tan lines begin to fad away and the smell of winter announces that  it's on its way. So, before July ends, I better get on writing a post or two.

This summer has been so fun (and quick) because I have been so busy. Most nights, I'm out and about, eating at new restaurants, sitting on rooftops and catching up with family & friends. Last week, our nephews came up for a visit for the 4th and we sat by the pool, played with the dog and enjoyed the heatwave.

And, for those of you who were curious, The Husband and I have kept up with our summer Dinner & A Movie Challenge. His pick was "Julie/Julia" and he served bruschetta for an appetizer. For dinner we had a white fish cooked in a butter cream sauce and a side of lima beans. I know, lima beans weren't in the movie, but we love them so he included them. For dessert he served watermelon. Now, everything was great up until the watermelon. I'm a dessert girl through and through. You know, chocolate, sweets, the whole nine yards. Never in my life would I consider fruit a dessert and I told him so. Negative one for him.

For this week, I picked "A League of Their Own." I wanted to do baseball food but with a healthier twist. I grilled hotdogs served with an avocado, roasted corn, onions and strawberry salsa that I served on top of the dog. Instead of fries, I baked asparagus, breadcrumbs and Parmesan cheese until they were crunchy, with a side of good o' baked beans. For dessert (and no I did not serve fruit) we made smores, but I forgot to snap a photo - yum.

Keep the movie suggestions coming. I think I'm winning so far!:)

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