Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Hooked on NC

Despite the fact that we live in a small space, Bailey dog has lots of stuff. And she should, right? She's our child dog and we spoil her. On most days you can find her toys strewn about the apartment while she relaxes her paws on one of her three beds (she has two herself and rotates between them and our own bed). When she's had enough of the bed(s), she takes herself to the sunniest spot in the kitchen to sunbathe and rest her eyes. She lives a hard life.

We used to keep her walking gear hanging on a small "B" hook by the door. She has two harnesses - one for walking and one for running, a leash and a collar that she only wears outside. Most days, these would get tangled hanging up together or fall to the ground where they would stay. It was quite the eyesore. Then, I saw this on Esty.

I knew it would be the perfect size to hold all of Bailey's walking gear in addition to fitting nicely in our entry. Best of all, it was in the shape of my favorite state and painted in my favorite color.

I finally hung the NC hook this weekend and love it. It goes well with our wall of maps (I still need to snap a shot for y'all to see). Most importantly, Bailey's things have a place and that makes me (and her) happy.

In other decorating news, we've also recently rearranged our living room - thanks for the idea Sooze. Though, that reminds me that you haven't seen the before arrangement, so you here go.


Opps! No photos yet. :) April fools? Once I finalize a few more things, I'll take the after shots. We bought a new kitchen table as this one was too little, even though The Husband could stand on it. Be back soon!


  1. What a great (and fabulously cute) idea. Our dogs are our kids too, so their stuff sometimes feels like it is taking over our condo - one canvas tote is no longer enough. I think you've inspired me to do a little organizing/decorating this weekend!


  2. Thanks, Mrs Independent! Dogs are great and yours are so cute.