Wednesday, March 7, 2012


I notice more and more that I'm using my iPhone camera more often than my nice Cannon one. I think it's just a convenience thing and probably a size thing too.

I was cleaning out some of my old pictures and noticed that I tend to snap random things, here and there. The Husband and Miss Bailey are my usual subjects. Though I tend to snap pictures of strange things like my subway station.

Or my old office window

Or our new mirror

Though Bailey is a better subject for sure

Or The Husband

Except when he jumps up on the table and looks creepy (yes, we do have tall ceilings!)

And just the other day, I had this lovely brunch

With these lovely ladies

There you go. A few snapshots from Southern in the City's life, er, phone.


  1. Sometimes using your phone is SO much easier. 90% of the times I see something I want to photograph, I'm carrying my iPhone, not my dslr.


  2. Right back at you WriteMuch

    Jamie - I know! I totally agree. They just make life so easy.